Repairs and Servicing

At Free Motion we offer a wide range of servicing and repairs to keep your bike running at optimum performance.
Our bike mechanics are happy to assist you and solve any problem with your bike. We are proud to be a Shimano Service Center and offer a vast range of checkups and individual repairs.
If you wish to check your bike for the season or need a specific repair, please take a look at our complete services offer.

Mechanics on action

Ride Safe Service € 30

  • Frame and forks inspected for alignment
  • Adjust and index gears
  • Adjust brake pads and cable tension for optimal brake performance
  • Torque all bolts to spec and adjust headset
  • Tyres inflated to recommended PSI and checked for wear
  • Condition assessment of the bike. Suggested maintenance report
  • The bike must be clean enough to allow inspection. Otherwise a € 10 fee will be charged to wash it.

General Service € 80

Everything included in the“Ride Safe” Service plus:
  • Clean bike and degrease-regrease drivetrain
  • Drivetrain adjustment and fitting of parts needed
  • Bottom bracket service
  • Brake service and replacement of parts needed
  • Wheels trued and tensioned

Premium Service – Road/Hardtail MTB € 150

Everything included in the“General Service” Service plus:
  • Frame stripped down. Cleaned and inspected
  • Headset Service and repacement of parts needed
  • Hubs service and replacement of parts needed
  • Replace gear and brake outer and inner cables
  • Apply threadlock or antiseize to all bolts and surfaces

Premium Service – Full suspension MTB € 160

Everything included in the“Premium Service” Service plus linkage/swingarm Service